List of Genders

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Masculine Faminine
Actor Actress
Author Authoress
Bachelor Spinster
Boy Girl
Boy Scout Girl Guide
Brave Squaw
Bridegroom Bride
Brother Sister
Conductor Conductress
Count Countess
Czar Czarina
Dad Mom
Daddy Mummy
Duke Duchess
Emperor Empress
Father Mother
Father-in-law Mother-in-law
Fiance Fiancee
Gentleman Lady
Gaint Gaintess
God Goddess
Governor Matron
Grandfather Grandmother
Headmaster Headmistress
Heir Heiress
Hero Heroine
Host Hostess
Hunter Huntress
Husband Wife
King Queen
Lad Lass
Landlord Landlady
Lord Lady
Man Woman
Manager Manageress
Manservant Maidservant
Master Mistress
Mayor Mayoress
Milkman Milkmaid
Millionaire Millionairess
Monitor Monitrice
Monk Nun
Murderer Murderess
Negro Negress
Nephew Niece
Papa Mama
Poet Poetess
Postman Postwoman
Postmaster Postmistress
Priest Priestess
Prince Princess
Prophet Prophetess
Proprietor Proprietress
Protector Protectress
Shepherd Shepherdess
Sir Madam
Son Daughter
Son-in-law Daughter-in-law
Step-father Step-mother
Step-son Step-mother
Steward Stewardess
Sultan Sultana
Tailor Tailoress
Uncle Aunt
Waiter Waitress
Washerman Washerwoman
Widower Widow
Wizard Witch

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A very good list to read

Plummy Zebra said...

oh. my. god. Faminine? That's from the root word famine, meaning drought. You need to spell it "Feminine". yikes.

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