Never Vs. Ever

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1) Not ever; at no time in the past or future.


I have never been to China.

I shall never forget this day.

I had never seen a circus.

Never on Sunday.

I will never marry you.

2) Not at all; certainly not; not in any circumstances.


Never Fear.

Bringing up children is never easy.

That will never do.

What is morally wrong can never be politically right.


1) At any time.


Did you ever smoke?

2) At all times; all the time and on every occasion.


Ever hoping to strike it rich.

Ever Busy.

3) (Intensifier for adjectives) Very.


She was ever so friendly.

Never Vs. Ever:

Don't ever stop chewing.
Never stop chewing.

He never goes to school late.
He doesn't ever goes to school late.

Have you ever seen her like that?
I have never seen her like that.

He looks better than ever. (=He has never looked better than he looks now.)

The price of gas is higher than it has ever been. (=The price of gas has never been higher.

That is the worst movie I have ever seen. (=I have never seen a worst movie like that.)

This is the most interesting course I have ever attended. (= I have never attended a more interesting course.)


1) at all times; always.

2) at any time "Have you ever been to Europe?"

3) in any way; at all

4) to a great extent or degree. "Was she ever mad?"


1) not ever; on no occasion; at no time.


He had never been there before.

You never can be sure.

2) not at all; in no way; absolutely not;


Never fear.

Never give up.

That will never do.

Never means "at no point in time". The meaning of "no" and "ever" is that something is not ever going to happen.

Example Conversation:

Dave: Have you traveled a lot, Jane?

Jane: Yes, I have in 47 different countries.

Dave: Really? Have you ever been to China?

Jane: Yes, I've visited China twice.

Dave: What about India?

Jane: No, I've never been to India.

When we talk about a period of time that continues up to present, we use the present perfect. Jane and Dave are talking about the places Jane has visited in her life (which is a period continuing up to the present).

We often use ever and never with the present perfect.

Have you ever eaten tortilla?
We have never eaten tortilla?

Use the present perfect to say that you have never done something or that you haven't done something during a period of time that continues up to the present.

I have never smoked.

Jill has never driven a car.

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