Related To "Time" - Idioms & Phrases

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Against time: In an effort to finish something within a limited period.

Sen: We worked against time to get out the newspaper.

Ahead of time: Before the time due; early.

Sen: The building was completed ahead of time.

At one time:

a. Once; in former time
Sen: At one time they owned a restaurant.

b. At the same time; at once
Sen: They all tried to talk at one time.

At the same time: Nevertheless; yet

Sen: I'd (would) like to try it, but at the same time I'm a little afraid.

At times: At intervals; Occasionally

Sen: At times the city becomes intolerable.

Behind the times: Old-fashioned; Dated

Sen: These attitudes are behind the times.

For the time being: Temporarily; For the present

Sen: Let's forget it for the time being.

From time to time: On occasion; Occasionally; At intervals

Sen: She comes to see us from time to time.

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