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1) . = Full stop or Period.


a) To mark at the end of the sentence.

Ex: There are two sides to every question.

b) At the end of an abbreviation.

Ex: Dr.

2) , = Comma


a) To separate words in a list.

Ex: We saw monkeys, lions and tigers in the zoo.

b) To show a pause in a sentence or reading.

Ex: Yesterday, as I was jogging, I saw a big snake.

c) Before inverted commas of actual words spoken.

Ex: He told us, "The world is round."

d) To separate the name of the person spoken to.

Ex: "John, let's start work straightaway."

e) To separate parts of an address.

Ex: 99, Downing street, Kingston.

f) To separate relative clause from the rest of the sentence.

Ex: The man, who lives next door, is a doctor.

3) ? = Question mark.


Question mark is used at the end of a sentence to show a question.

Ex: "When will the train arrive?"

4) ! = Exclamation Mark.


Exclamation mark is used at the end of a sentence to show surprise, excited, or angry.


a) We won!

b) Quiet!

5) : = Colon.

Usage: Colon is used to introduce an example, quotation etc.

Ex: Example: This box contains the following items: bandages, plasters, lotion, medicines, and a pair of scissors.

6) ; = Semicolon.


Semicolon is used to join two sentences or two complete parts of a sentence which are closely connected in meaning.

Ex: He gives up smoking; obviously, he fears smoking-related disease may strike him.

7) ' = Apostrophe.


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